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What to Bring
Clothing: The weather in N Ireland can be unpredictable. For teams visiting through the winter season (approx October-April), it is advisable to include a warm coat (preferably waterproof), an umbrella and comfortable footwear.
      Bring clothing, which can be layered to suit varying temperatures.
      Summer clothing: layering still required and waterproof jacket and/or umbrella still advisable.
     You should include clothes that would be suitable for church (dress/skirt for women, shirt/tie for men).
      Clothing for sports nights and swimsuit for summer months.
      Towels and washcloths; sandals for wearing to the shower.
     Toiletries (soap, shampoo, etc.)
**** Please note:  Electrical appliances in the UK operate on 240v.  If you wish to bring a U.S. hairdryer or other electrical item, you should make sure it has a dual voltage switch. ****
Bedding:  You need to bring a sleeping bag. Undersheets, pillows and pillowcases will be provided.
Laundry:  There are laundry facilities (2 washers, 2 dryers) at Murlough House that will be available to teams at specified times in the day. The charge is £1.50 per wash and £1.50 per dry including detergent.
Money, Credit/Debit Cards etc.   The currency in Northern Ireland is Pounds Sterling (£)
Your main expenses are all covered, but you will probably need some spending money for entrance to tourist sites, postcards, stamps and gift shopping. We estimate that $200-$500 would be adequate. You have various options for how to bring and change your money. (Please note - Some Banks won’t accept $100 bills)
Exchanging dollars in N. Ireland - within the first few days, we'll take you to the bank to exchange dollars for £ sterling. The bank will make a charge/commission for this, so it is an option for teams to appoint one person to change all the money, and divide the single commission charge.
US Travellers Checks - you have to change these at the bank personally, again you pay commission. You will need your passport as ID, but they are secure if they get lost or stolen.
British Travellers Checks - if you buy these in the US, you won't have to pay commission to change them in N. Ireland. Again these are secure.
Please do not change money at the airport – this will take too much time if your transport is waiting.
Credit and Debit/Check cards - Most stores will accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Access credit cards, and debit/check cards linked to these. You'll save on commission and should also be able to withdraw cash from automatic teller machines (ATMs) with them. However, small shops and cafes may not accept them; so don't plan to use your credit/debit card exclusively.
Euros - If your team plans to spend time in the Republic of Ireland, say in Dublin, you will need Irish money which is Euros (same as those used in Europe). You can obtain these before you come; in Northern Ireland, or change money when you cross the border. The best way is to withdraw Euros from the ATMs when you get there.
Vacation Insurance - each team member needs to ensure that they have health care coverage for the duration of their stay.


There will be a phone available; Calling cards may be purchased for telephone use.
There are computers in the Library and the house is totally wireless enabled.
E-mail address - Website:
Letters to the US take approximately 5-10 days for delivery. Stamps can be purchased on-site (50p for postcards, and depending on weight, either 50p or 72p for letters). They can be mailed by Murlough staff. The postal address for receiving mail here is:
Murlough House, Keel Point, Dundrum, Newcastle Co Down, N. Ireland, BT33 ONQ.

Please contact us for additional information or questions.


The attached article will provide perspective about the troubles in Northern Ireland.

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